Consulting Services

United around the tableSoftware is an integral part of every person’s day.  The services we offer are designed to provide you with the knowledge or solutions to make effective use of technology.

CCA’s software advisors are available to assist with projects of all sizes:

  • Conversion Planning
  • Application Testing
  • Software Implementation
  • Help Desk Services
  • Walk-Around Support
  • Documentation and User Guides
  • Presentation Development
  • Macro/Template Design
  • Database Design

Depending on the resources available at your company, CCA can offer several options. CCA can complete the project; CCA can train and partner with you as you complete the project. For example:

  • Add CCA to your project team to assist with software upgrades and new software introductions
  • Use CCA for software testing services to anticipate user questions and usage
  • Let CCA write quick reference guides or develop instructor-led manuals
  • Work with CCA to develop your next presentation
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